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I've tried lots of brands and doses of CBD and THC, and 1906 outperforms. When I need to power through work blocks or stay late to finish a project, these keep me focused and productive. 5mg of CBD keeps me chill but not sleepy, and 2mg of THC provides a quiet little high.This stuff is great.

Montana G.

Enhance any experience with a boost of pure THC
Boost for everything

I absolutely love Boost! I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the micro-dose, so I took one on a Saturday afternoon when I had nothing planned. I felt a gentle lift to my mood and was able to actually accomplish a long list of tasks I had been avoiding. Big fan! Thanks Boost! Jacob S.

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Tap into your most formidable mental powers
Genius for brainpower

I have been using 1906 Genius Drops for just over a year. I can tell you they do in fact work. I literally screamed for joy when I found out that I can now receive them in the mail!! You won't regret buying them. I am now receiving a monthly subscription so I will never run out! Cindi

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Promote a bubbly sense of well-being and extroverted happiness
Bliss for happiness

Love this light, euphoric, happy pill. I feel like I can still socialize when I go out with my friends. I started this in "sober October" and Dry January but this is so much better than any mocktail or alcohol replacement. I still get a happy buzz and my mornings are great. Ana

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Spark arousal and embrace deeper connectedness
Love for arousal

Me and my guy have a great sex life, but I wanted to add some "extra," and oh my, did I ever feel "extra." I swear my sensuality increased 500%, and I became a sexual goddess! He didn't take a drop, but my excitement and actions brought him to new heights, too. I can't wait to use them again. Highly recommend. Amy

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Enjoy rest for the mind and rejuvenation for the body
Chill for relaxation

I love the Chill drop! I take it every other day to help calm my anxiety.. I’m a better person when I take the chill drop. It helps me maintain my mood. Ive shared this product with my sister and few friends. This is what we need in our daily lives. It makes things better! Christa P.

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Stimulate alertness, focus, and crash-free energy
Go for energy

Excellent energy without jitters, sweats or jumpy feeling. Smooth & suttle, but definitely feel it's power. Love it! Marie Josee K.

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Enjoy rest for the 
mind and rejuvenation for the body
Sleep for ZZZ's

I've never been a good sleeper, and a change in my work schedule made sleep essential. I tried Sleep drops and can honestly say I've never slept better in my life. It kicks in after about 20 mins, but unlike Melatonin or other sleep aids, I don't wake up groggy or foggy. I couldn't recommend these more. JZ

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