These aren’t the “pills” you think you know.

These are pharma-grade 100% legal cannabis drops. Built to tune into 
life – not out of it.

Powered with a blend of microdosed cannabis & plant medicines for the best of nature in a fast-acting format.

Experience six targeted drops to fine tune your sex, stress, sleep, mood, energy, brainpower & even your high.

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Enhance any experience with a boost of pure THC
Boost for everything
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Tap into your most formidable mental powers
Genius for brainpower
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Promote a bubbly sense of well-being and extroverted happiness
Bliss for happiness
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Spark arousal and embrace deeper connectedness
Love for arousal
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Enjoy rest for the mind and rejuvenation for the body
Chill for relaxation
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Stimulate alertness, focus, and crash-free energy
Go for energy
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